White Paper

Credit Portfolio Valuation - A Comprehensive Approach

In the following White paper, you will learn more about the Portfolio Valuation, the Valuation Toolbox, how to Identify a Portfolio’s Core Segments, and much more.

White Paper: Credit Portfolio Valuation - A Comprehensive Approach Device

The contemporary credit ecosystem is wide, deep, and complex and it encompasses many industry sectors, each of which issues and manages different types of credit at different stages with widely varying risk profiles and returns.

At QUALCO we claim that advanced analytics can be combined with business experience to improve the debt portfolio valuation process. By taking a customer level, microscopic approach you can automatically adapt to varying portfolio characteristics and produce running estimates of a portfolio’s value.


Our methodology is based on a number of assertions regarding portfolios and their valuation:
  • A portfolio’s value is not an elemental characteristic
  • Portfolio value is not a single number
  • No portfolio is homogenous
  • Every portfolio is unique

White Paper