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Streamlining loan management with the next generation of loan servicing technology - QUALCO x FintechFutures

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QUALCO x FintechFutures Webinar

In this webinar, we explored with Fintech Futures the key challenges facing the lending and servicing industry, and how organisations can be prepared for the future. We’ve worked closely with creditors, servicers, analysts and fintech experts to analyse the end-to-end loan management journey, outlining the key trends and frustrations that are reshaping the industry, as well as the capabilities most needed by its stakeholders to ensure efficient and streamlined lending and loan servicing operations.

By watching this webinar you can:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends of the lending and loan servicing industry.
  • Understand what capabilities are important in today’s marketplace.
  • Identify the challenges and how they can be tackled.
  • Get in a pole position to propel growth and get exponential value from a robust loan management system.
  • Get a sneak preview of the upcoming upgraded version of QUALCO Loan Manager.

QUALCO x Fintech Futures Speakers:

  • Dan Pass, Chief Technology Officer, Perenna
  • Terry Franklin, Executive Vice President Technology, QUALCO
  • Theo Psilopoulos, VP Product Management, QUALCO
  • Lazaros Pantzos, Portfolio Strategy Executive Director, QQuant Master Servicer
  • Sofia Kosti, Partner & Senior Analyst, Analytix