Global NPL 2021 by SmithNovak - Technology Panel x Chrysavgi Salaka, QUALCO



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Chrysavgi Salaka, Solutions & Consulting Director at QUALCO has recently joined Technology Panel at the Global NPL 2021  by SmithNovak, bringing along her insight and QUALCO’s experience in NPL management.

Watch the recording and gain insights about:

  • In which key areas of Recovery, Due Diligence and Portfolio Management can new technologies best be employed to increase efficiencies and reduce costs?
  • How is technology working to improve data quality?
  • Is there a role for more Online Sales/Auction platforms? What are the pros and cons of these systems? How extensively are these used in China, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Spain & more?
  • Have we seen the emergence of more AI-based technology solutions in the Real Estate valuations process as a result of the pandemic?
  • What new technology have the Servicers/AMCs and Banks embraced in relation to the Recovery process? Do the larger Servicing Platforms have technology advantages?
  • How is technology being used in Legal Due Diligence?

QUALCO x SmithNovak Webinar Speakers:

  • Andrew Welch, Director at Intralinks
  • Chrysavgi Salaka, Solutions & Consulting Director at QUALCO
  • Francisco Hernandez Parga, CEO at Menhir
  • Tamás Erni, Managing Partner at Loxon
  • Jonny Lingvall, CEO at Dignisia