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A quick guide to loan management technology trends that empower today’s lending and loan servicing operations.

Discover exclusive insights on the most needed loan management technology capabilities based on a pan-European survey that was conducted by Informa Engage.


Executive summary

The past two years have been quite transformational for many industries and the lending world couldn't stay unaffected. While the pandemic pushed the lending and the loan servicing industry to quickly adapt to its ripple effects, there were already plenty of ongoing trends that are reshaping the landscape and leading the respective businesses to a new era.

A few months ago, QUALCO joined its forces with Informa Engage to conduct a pan-European survey to get a full picture of the trends and the challenges that are reshaping the industry, as well as the capabilities most needed by its stakeholders to ensure they possess an efficient loan management system.

By reading this report, you can:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends of the lending and loan servicing industry
  • Understand what capabilities are important in today’s marketplace
  • Identify the challenges and how they can be tackled
  • Get in a pole position to propel growth and get exponential value from a robust loan management system

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