Managing Big Ticket NPLs: The Benefits of Setting up a High Balance Team

Managing Big Ticket NPLs_The Benefits of Setting up a High Balance Team SoMe Cover Paper

Executive summary

The effective management of consumer credit in early arrears through call centres is the first base any organisation managing debt portfolios must cover, as it enables high volume, standardised operations.

However, when it comes to managing "high balance” mortgage and corporate loans, organisations need to follow a methodology that enables personalisation.

In this practical guide, we deep dive into the specifics of setting up a specialist “High Balance” team that enables retail and corporate customers with higher debts to agree to long-term, viable solutions.

Read this guide and learn:

  • The limitations of the call centre methodology in managing Big Ticket NPLs
  • How to setup a “High Balance” team for Big Ticket NPLs
  • The tangible benefits of the framework both for customers and creditors
  • How modern technology can enable personalised treatment paths

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