Special Report


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QUALCO is launching a special report which will address the latest and most relevant information on the NPL sector in Europe. The report is driven by a fundamental analysis on macro and micro-economics and the main trends that are affecting the outlook in this sector for the coming years.

Executive Summary

Being several months into an economic downturn brought by the emergence of the pandemic, an accumulation of non-performing loans (NPLs) is expected in Europe which is projected to hit €1.4 trillion by the end of 2022. However, the various job retention schemes and business protection measures are masking the true magnitude of the coming crisis and the veil will be lifted only when furlough and moratorium schemes conclude.

When the support will have been withdrawn, account receivables will be placed under severe stress and businesses can expect to see arrears, provisions and bad debt levels increase at unprecedented rates. 

Clearing legacy NPL stock while preparing for the new crop.

It becomes apparent that to keep liquidity, it is necessary to clear now those legacy impaired assets stemming from the global financial crisis, preparing for the new crop of pandemic-related NPLs.

Lenders have realised they need a more proactive approach to NPLs. For that, they need advanced digital, self-service, and analytics technology. But those tools are often missing. Therefore, their current ability to manage NPLs now needs to improve, and fast.

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