NPLs: Stepping up to European regulatory requirements

Financial upheaval in the past decade has provoked much soul searching on the risks of lending to businesses and consumers
alike. Desperate to avoid a repeat of the sub-prime crisis, regulators have changed the game when it comes to lender treatment of defaulted debt.

A year ago, the European Central Bank (ECB) published its final guidance to banks on non-performing loans, aiming to provide a consistent supervisory approach around the way banks identify, measure, manage and write off these debts.

While these guidelines set out best practice that the ECB expects
creditors to follow, the practicalities of doing so are left to the lenders to handle.

The following E-Guide demonstrates the ways in which QUALCO Collections & Recoveries tackles the latest ECB’s requirements on non-performing loans, leaving lenders confident that they are stepping up to regulatory demands.

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Non performing loans: Stepping up to European regulatory requirements Cover

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  • Governance & Organisational
  • Portfolio segmentation and strategy
  • Operations
  • Forbearance Solutions
  • Legal Actions & Debt Management Workflows
  • Collateral Management
  • Reporting & Monitoring of NPLs