The Loan Lifecycle: Simplifying the journey from origination to collection

In the past decade the world has been through huge financial upheaval: from the sub-prime crisis to real estate bubbles in countries such as Ireland and Greece.

The Loan Lifecycle - Simplifying the journey from origination to collection device

These crises have resulted in increased scrutiny and regulation by a range of country- specific and European authorities, such as European Central Bank guidance on nonperforming loans.

Government benefits have been cut or tightened, meaning many are struggling to meet ‘priority debts’ such as rent, food and council tax, nevermind discretionary spending. The end of the era of easy credit has exposed the sheer numbers in difficulty.

Meanwhile, corporations have also struggled, with many unable to repay loans and facing the threat of liquidation. They too need to find viable solutions that will allow breathing space and enable them to grow and thrive in the future.


In this E-Guide we talk about the:

1.  Loan lifecycle

2. Restructuring | Step by step: the restructuring process

3. A flexible approach to product set up

4. A smooth transition



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