E-GUIDE: Increasing net returns for the German DCA market

How new technology can help you recover more with less

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Executive Summary

Τhe “Act to Improve Consumer Protection in Debt Collection Law” came into effect in October resulting to economic challenges for many debt collection companies in Germany that are now faced with an income loss that can reach up to 20%.

The new financial environment can only be mastered by an intelligent, digital and cost-conscious operational model. At Qualco, we optimise our clients’ operational processes in such a way that both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the recovery measures could be significantly increased therefore costs were reduced.
This paper demonstrates the ways the Debt Collection Agencies in Germany can overcome the financial challenges that have arisen since the implementation of the recent legal framework on the German DCA market.


  • The impact of the recent legal changes in the German DCA market
  • What capability do the German DCAs need to reduce costs and improve efficiency?
    • The rise of self-serve
    • Data-Driven process optimisation
    • Regulatory awareness
  • How Qualco can help the market?
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