The Debt Portfolio Blueprint

How to build a strategy to enable effective collections, recoveries, and debt sale

Over the last 10 years, there has been a real focus on more efficient and ethical debt collection and recovery (C&R). This is needed across the full spectrum of business activity, though different sectors and geographies find themselves at different points in the cycle.

Businesses across all sectors are searching for increasingly sophisticated ways to improve their collection and recovery practices, with the front runners investing heavily in their understanding of customer behavior and the customer journey as a way of doing that. It is no longer sufficient to apply broad strategies to debts. Instead, bespoke solutions are needed to increase efficiency and meet exacting regulatory standards.

This Blueprint explains how senior management and heads of collections and recoveries can, by using available specialist technology, set a strategy to achieve optimal results.

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In this Debt Portfolio Blueprint, we discuss:

  • Why establishing bespoke collections strategies by using sophisticated technology and advanced data analytics is essential to achieving C&R success.
  • How to achieve a high-quality customer journey, vital to a successful approach in today’s environment.