Practical Guide Series on COVID-19

Identifying customer behaviour before and after the pandemic

Boost your performance in the post-coronavirus world with the power of data.

Identifying Customer Behaviour Device

In these challenging times every financial institution, lender, and credit management entity must make its data and insights work harder.

It is expected that there will be pandemic-related delinquency in every single bucket, on top of the pre-pandemic delinquency that already existed and has likely only gotten riskier. 

This means that organisations must act now to utilise data and to translate these scenarios into clear, identifiable steps, in order to sustain them through a period of unpredictability and potentially severe disruption.

Identifying customer behaviour before and after the pandemic will provide answers to critical questions and influence the strategic planning in terms of customer communication, segmentation, and treatment paths.


What you’ll learn:

In this E-Guide, our experts analyse how organisations can:

  • Compare pre and post COVID-19 behaviour patterns
  • Improve customer segmentation and treatment
  • Better inform loss forecasting & provisioning
  • Deploy a solution within 1 week and start building models in 4 - 8 weeks
  • Protect their customers from an unpredictable and potentially severe disruption