Practical Guide Series on COVID-19

Adapting customer engagement and collection strategies

Support your collections and recovery functions in an online and full serve-serve customer portal.


As the global economy struggles to return to speed after lockdown, many businesses are working at a fraction of their full capacity, supply chains have been fractured, and consumers are wary of spending.  Against this background increased concerns about liquidity, cash flow, and non-performing debts are presenting business leaders with new challenges.

This e-guide shows you how to speed up your payment collections and engage proactively and in a personalised manner with your customers by offering them a self-service platform with several capabilities.


What you’ll learn:

In this E-Guide, our experts explain how collections and recoveries functions can:

  • Decompress their call-centres.
  • Achieve improved customer experience.
  • Reach digital enablement for faster, more accessible customer service.
  • Free up their staff by empowering customers.
  • Use data to optimise the overall performance.