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Making the most of technology in collections from the C-suite to the collections floor

The use of today’s collections technology relieves pressure throughout organisations – benefiting all levels, from senior management to customer-facing staff and consumers in debt. Collections technology has the ability to transform results.

By understanding and improving its adoption, all levels of a business – from the collections floor to the C-suite – benefit. In this webinar, we will explore how the right framework; the highest levels of compliance; the right people with the right skills; and use of new data sources can allow creditors to secure the best outcomes for customers efficiently.

Join QUALCO and Credit Strategy for a webinar, which will explore the benefits of adopting new technologies, and streamlined operations in collections.


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QUALCO x Credit Strategy Webinar Speakers:

  • Penelope Clarke, Head of Risk, VODAFONE
  • David Lemon Business Development Director, illion
  • Guy Statter, Head of Software Sales UK, QUALCO