E-Guide: DCA & Debt Buyer's Edition

 A practical guide on developing   operational agility through   modern collections technology   and analytics

The effective use of collections technology can transform the results generated by specialist debt purchase and collections businesses.

The right methodology; the highest levels of compliance; the right people with the right skills; and bold use of data are strong pillars of effective collections. Underpinned by technology, these pillars allow debt purchasers and Debt Collection Agencies to thrive in a pressured environment, where margins can be tight and optimising the approach is essential. Cash collected can be maximised, with excellent customer care and strong compliance.

In this E-Guide you will learn more about the four pillars  of collections technology adoption and the different benefits that can be derived from proper implementation at all levels of a specialist collections business.

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A practical guide on developing operational agility through modern collections technology and analytics Cover

The benefits are multiple:

  • Technology that can accept accounts from a range of creditor systems
  • Segmentation and determination of individual account strategy
  • Happy staff performing optimally
  • Monitoring results and providing an audit trail
  • Automating routine tasks
  • Reduced burden on IT
  • Enhanced recovery levels