E-Guide: Creditor's edition

Adopting collections technology from the C-suite to the collections floor

Collections technology has the ability to transform results. By
understanding and improving its adoption, all levels of a business –
from the collections floor to the C-suite – benefit.

Proper use of people and data enables accurate performance
management internally and externally, cutting costs and improving
customer outcomes.

There are four key pillars of understanding collections technology
adoption: methodology/framework, regulation, people and data. In this
white paper we outline these pillars and the different benefits that can
be derived from proper implementation at all levels of the business:
C-suite, management, the collections floor and beyond.

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Learn the Benefits of the Collections Technology Cover

This edition covers the special challenges and objectives that the Banking sector and special lenders are facing in the time of Artificial Intelligence and regulatory pressure.

  • Increased cash collections
  • Reduced monthly roll rates
  • High NPS scores
  • Effective use of predictive analytics
  • Personalised customer treatment strategies
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Collecting more with less