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A complete technology blueprint for the Breathing Space and the Mental Health Crisis Moratoriums.

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Our latest White Paper focuses on Breathing Space (or Debt Respite Scheme) that will be in place from the 4th of May 2021, while at the same time it sheds light on the challenges that creditors will likely face. Besides a comprehensive walk through of the new regulation, the report analyses the technological capabilities needed by creditors to efficiently handle a great number of cases in a limited timeframe.


While Breathing Space processes have already been in place for quite a long time, a new regulatory
scheme is making its debut the next month in England and Wales. As global debt continues to rise, the moratoriums have multiple aims. Besides enabling people to seek help for problem debt, it also gives the opportunity to creditors to centralise their interactions with customers and to treat bad debt cases through standarised processes.

To achieve that, creditors must leverage technologically advanced solutions as operational efficiency needs to be front and center.


  • What is the new Breathing Space legislation
  • What does it look like in practice?
  • What are the key challenges for creditors?
  • What capability do you need to implement the necessary changes?
  • How can Qualco help?
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